Work With Me

Why would GelMoment be a good fit for you?

Hi, I’m Lisa. I am a mom of three grown children and two Wheaten Terriers. I have been a stay at home mom most of my life, but I have always wanted to contribute to the family income as well! I struggled to find the right company that worked for me. I bounced around through multiple different network marketing companies until I finally found one that worked.  Working for GelMoment has provided me the income I wanted, while still allowing me to have the time to travel, workout, act, and do all the things I enjoy. 

What I do with GelMoment is not only a job, but something I enjoy and have fun doing everyday. It has become an artistic outlet for me, getting creative with my designs, and inspiring other women to do the same! I’ve enjoyed becoming a leader within my GelMoment team, and I am willing to get in the trenches with my team to help you be able to build the business of your dreams. Creating a culture where people are valued, operate with integrity and get better each day drives the success of a team business, and also your own.

Lets build something togther.

Do you want a job where…

…you can be present in your children’s lives, but still contribute to your family’s income?

You can with GelMoment.

…you have the availability to travel the world while still becoming a leader within your company?

You can with GelMoment.

…you can pursue your dreams, and help other women do the same?

You can with GelMoment.

Let’s build something together.


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